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Prologue and First Chapte
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It's Christmas in Manhattan.
A blizzard whips the city.
The Beautiful People, in the elite Upper East Side, celebrate in
their brownstones.
Until a kidnapper seizes a beautiful young debutante. Max
Royster, fired from the NYPD for mental illness, fights the
kidnapper but loses.
The kidnapper flees. Stripped of gun, shield and power, Max has
only his wits to save the victim.
The FBI treats Max like a suspect and tramples roughshod on his
During this long sleepless night, an unknown FBI agent cracks
up. Over the radio, he quotes J. Edgar Hoover and plants false
To solve the case, Max must smash through the facade and mysteries
of millionaires in their snug brownstones.
Exotic women tempt him to give up.
The blizzard worsens.
As the winds howl and snowdrifts deepen, Max risks his life and his freedom in a desperate bid to save the victim.
Once again, Max Royster is back on the street in Brownstone Kidnap Crackup.

Cover Illustration by Nad Wolinska
Cover Design by Richard Amari
[Reviews and endorsements to come.]

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