Can I, Max Royster, fired from the NYPD for mental disease, on crutches, train a ragtag group of performers, my Showbizzers, to use their skills and bodies to stop a genius crime lord in the High Desert town of Basta, California?

Bounced from the New York cops for mental disease and on crutches from rescuing a kidnapped debutante, I cannot handle another Manhattan slush winter.
Freezing, grieving my lost shield, I hobble aboard an Amtrak train. America passes by outside my window.
When we reach the California desert, my spirits rise. Hope for a new life makes me exit in the small sandy town of Basta.
The sun and beauty cheer me. But the town suffers from crime. A thug mugs me, taking my cash and ID.
That turns me sad again.
A group that I dub “My Showbizzers” – out-of-work dancers, actresses, dog trainers and writers – rescue me. They remind me of my live-for-the-moment cronies back in Manhattan, “The Playpen Irregulars.” Thrilled by their energy, I fall in love with Koy, a beautiful Asian dog-handler.
Some Basta deputies duck work or bully innocents. Their sloppiness angers and frustrates me, and their laziness helps a local criminal genius, Crostwaite, rob a bank.
Inspiration hits me.
My Showbizzers have many skills. Maybe they could use those talents and creativity to fight crime. They might do better than some lazy deputies.
Nobody else believes in my idea. Locals mock me. The sheriff and the FBI block me. But I force myself to push my idea forward, while my Showbizzers must fight their own bias against government and rules.
But when Crostwaite starts killing, I train my Showbizzers. They go undercover. Their beautiful bodies use sex as a weapon. Koy trains dogs to burgle homes and seize evidence.
To avenge his childhood of horrors, Crostwaite vows to destroy Basta.
Frightened but passionate, without guns, power or respect, my Showbizzers and I risk everything to stop Crostwaite
Our deadly showdown will answer the question once and for all:

Can Showbizzers Crush Crime?

Hickey's fascinating stories are a compelling slice of real policing.
~ Robert Lentol, Police Officer, New York City

Frank Hickey brings his own unique voice and experience to this crime story. His past experiences and expertise in law enforcement and investigations lends credibility to the plot and characters he brings into the story. An interesting, enjoyable, and fun book filled with fascinating characters.
~ Joe Pennisi, Chief Investigator (retired), N.Y. County District Attorney's Office

As Frank Hickey's new mystery, Can Showbizzers Crush Crime?, so vividly demonstrates, he is the righteous successor to Gregory McDonald (author of the Fletch series). In the realm of antic mayhem, Mr. Hickey is today's master of the tongue-in-cheek form. His mysteries will make the reader both shiver and laugh.
~ Matty Paris (author of The Holy City [Carpenter Press] and Mystery [Avon])

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