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Most of the writers and staff associated with Pigtown Books were either born in Brooklyn or have deep Brooklyn roots.

Pigtown Books is an author-centric boutique publisher dedicated to the idea that publishing books should be as much fun as reading and writing them, As Shakespeare said, and Norman Rosten (the late Poet Laureate of Brooklyn) often quoted, "[Writers] live on air, promise-crammed."

We also feel that authors deserve a fair shake, which is the reason we accept returns only for defective books.. We do not feel it fair to authors to withhold royalties against returns. (Booksellers, please contact us for alternate arrangements)..

Dear Authors,

Our slate is full until 2016 and thus we are not accepting further submissions until some future date..

The Pigtown Books logo (and our covers) were designed by Richard Amari.

Frank Hickey's book covers are illustrated by Nad Wolinska.

You can read more about the adventures of Richard's character, Carnacki, The Ghost Finder, at: (

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