Read the Prologue and a sample Chapter of Production Value,.
When he stops to relieve himself in the woods off the Sawmill River Parkway, screenwriter Nick Slade discovers a dead body. The corpse turns out to be his best friend, Connor O’Neal, who had been working on a sinister movie production. On this particular film, the performers were not only shot ... they were killed!
The discovery makes Nick the prime suspect in the case, a situation which is not helped when he comes across another dead body, this time of a beautiful young woman with whom he had been briefly involved.
Determined to clear Nick's name, his girlfriend, Clarice Andrews, gets a job as an extra on Connor’s film. She discovers that the film is actually a conspiracy by an Eastern European crime ring based
in Westchester, a discovery that might get her killed in a singularly brutal fashion.
In an action packed climax, Nick must save his girlfriend, clear himself and expose the criminals. And most importantly, he must survive the ordeal.
Production Value is the ultimate pulp fiction thriller.
Steamy sex.
And enough plot twists to keep you intrigued to the end. The novel is a page turner that will set your paperback or eReader ablaze!

Cover Design by Richard Amari

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