Movies can be a deadly business. Especially when you are
 screen­ writer Nick Slade or girlfriend Clarice An­drews. And you
 don’t have the career-des­troying porn film that a politician (who
starred in it as a college student) and his hired killers think
 you do.
In 1978, pornographer Larry Hoffman persuades college student John Prescott, Jr. and his roommate to let him shoot a scene from a new porn movie, Horny Teacher’s Pets, in their dorm room. As an added incentive Hoffman allows the teens to have sex with the X-rated star, Lilly Lustoff.
Senator John Prescott, Sr. finds out and is furious that his son was foolish enough to be filmed in a porn movie.
He bribes Hoffman to destroy the negative.
34 years later Representative John Prescott, Jr. has followed in his father’s footsteps and is running for re-election.
But has a serious problem.
A single print of the porn movie has surfaced. If word of it gets out, his political career will be destroyed.
Prescott will do anything to find it...
Including murder!

Meanwhile, Clarice asks Nick to help her obtain a hard-to-find DVD of a TV pilot in which she had appeared.
Nick contacts a film collector, who offers to sell him a bootleg copy.
But when Nick goes to meet the collector, he discovers the collector has been murdered.
Nick and Clarice’s apartment is ransacked.
Their car is stolen and torched.
Soon, other collectors with whom Nick is in contact are tortured or killed.
Nick himself becomes a suspect.
To clear his name, he must find out why the collectors were targeted.
When he and Clarice learn about the missing print, they find themselves in Reel Danger, one step ahead or one step behind Prescott’s hired killer...
Until all their paths brutally coincide.
Nick and Clarice soon find out in this cinematic pursuit they don’t have body doubles, and the bullets coming at them aren’t blanks.

“A decades-old lapse in judgment, crossed signals, and a hell of a McGuffin in the form of a missing porn film may bring a close to the promising political career of a U.S. Congressman and a lot worse to Haines’s series regulars, Nick Slade and Clarice Andrews. Haines has crafted a fast-moving, engaging, and occasionally humorous thriller tailor-made for a leisurely day at the beach, or that long airplane trip you want to pass a little more quickly. Reel Danger should find a well-deserved spot on your to-be-read pile.”
~ Richard Helms (Derringer and Thriller Award-winning Author, The Mojito Coast)

“A jet propelled joyride through piracy, politics and porn. Reel Danger is an ingeniously executed labyrinth of thrills steeped in the details of film production.”
~ Alex Klymko (Director, A Killing and Spy, The Movie; Producer, A Perfect Fit and Shanghai Hotel)

“A fast-moving mix of The Sweet Smell of Success and The Maltese Falcon written with the swaggering authority of a movie industry insider and the wisecracking world-weariness of a Dashiel Hammett gumshoe. A 21st Century film-noir novel for a new generation, awash in both political and cinematic sleaze, and a great read!”
~ John Mangan (Author, The Haunting of Harry Payne [Novel and Screenplay])

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