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The Gypsy Twist
Cover Illustration by Nad Wolinska
Cover Design by Richard Amari
“… Max looked carefully at the dead boy, reminding himself that most murder victims looked very young and surprised when their bodies were found, as if life had suddenly rushed up and taken them unawares …”

Misfit NYPD Officer Max Royster’s hunt for a sadistic serial killer takes a startling turn when he realizes that not all predators are born alike.

“Hickey, who has policed cities from New York to Los Angeles, is a rare combination of hardcharging patrol cop and shrewd detective. He is also an artist at portraying the dark side of life in every strata of society.”

~ Tom Reppetto (Author, NYPD: A City and Its Police and American Mafia: A History of
Its Rise to Power)

“An exciting, fast-paced cop novel. It screams to be made into a movie. Frank Hickey tells it all from the eyes of experience, because he has lived through this stuff.” ~ Tony Lo Bianco (Director/Writer/Actor [Academy Award-winning French Connection])
“As a former detective, Frank Hickey knows his bad guys better than they know themselves. In his new novel, The Gypsy Twist, he spins a tale so vivid, so suspenseful, you'll think you're on the case yourself.”

~ Charles Messina (Writer, My Father, My Don)

“I loved The Gypsy Twist! A compelling story that draws upon years of patrolling a beat and investigating crimes. From gritty Flatbush to Manhattan’s Upper East Side and beyond, this police procedural / murder mystery is as good as any I've ever read.” ~ Eric Martin (NYPD Lieutenant,

Former TV News producer)

“Frank Hickey's incredible inside knowledge about law and disorder packs The Gypsy Twist with crackling dialog and atmospheric punch. Juicy characters in a white-knuckle plot result in a police thriller.”

~ Michael Eric Stein (Writer, Miami Vice, True Blue, CBS television movie, Higher Ground)

“The Gypsy Twist is one of those books that grabs you, and you can't put down. It reminds me of the days when novels were fun to read. I am looking forward to this author's next endeavor, which is something that I can rarely say these days.

~ Liam O’Connor (Criminal Attorney, Judge)

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