If you enjoyed Funny Bunny Hunts the Horn Bug, you might like to read what other readers wrote about Frank Hickey’s previous Max Royster novel, The Gypsy Twist.

“I got so interested in the book that I finished it in one night! I simply could not stop reading. I am eagerly awaiting his next book.”

~ Ray Beauchesne(90-year-old World War II
veteran, South Pacific Theater)

“When my husband and I were on our honeymoon, I brought along The Gypsy Twist and. started reading it The story carried me away. My husband got curious and took over the book. He read the first four chapters and said, ‘This is an interesting book.’”

~ Wan Hsiu Lan (International concert
pianist from Taiwan)

“I liked the characters in The Gypsy Twist, their definitions, their interactions, their loyalties and conflicts. The plot is genuine. So is the police work, the experience – the frustrations and methods they use and WON’T use to do theirs work.”

~ Marcus Lavieri (Actor, musician and one of the
last shepherds left in the state of Connecticut)

“Mr. Hickey’s fast-paced opening pages resonated with this New Yorker’s alarming experience of being violently ambushed beside the Central Park Reservoir one dusky Sunday afternoon. We residents can be thankful that Max Royster is courageously and intelligently on the job and will continue to be in future volumes.”

~ S.W. (Name withheld by request,
an Upper East Side crime victim)

“I’m not normally a fan of mysteries, but Frank Hickey’s assured, confident voice could make me a convert (or at least to his work). He knows his way both around the genre, and the world of detectives, suspects, low-lifes and hard-boiled reporters. The result is a compelling page-turner about the ultimate scary teacher revenge.”

~ Merri Rosenberg (Education Update Online)

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